Since childhood, I love painting, especially watercolor painting. I was so fascinated with its transparency, smoothness, liveliness, colorfulness and harmony that I couldn’t live without drawing even for a single day.

To an artist, painting is as a matter of fact a process of creating beauty. To reach this objective, an artist must give scope to his initiative and all his senses to involve himself in nature so as to bring it out in his works. Nature contains numerous secrets and mysteries, colorful, charming and splendid. Therefore, to express it, we must love it and only through an attentive observation, emotional description and an unceasing exploration, can we then have the possibility of expressing its enchanting charm.

It is not an easy job to draw a succinct, simple and skillful painting, therefore to obtain this objective, an artist has nothing to do but to embrace different arts to enlarge his knowledge, enhance his cultivation and elevate his quality for without cultural accumulationn and assiduous practice, it is impossible to turn out good paintings. Besides, hard work, as an artist, he should be good at learning from his predecessors by analyzing and learning the best of their works and trying to find out its uniqueness. For a good piece of artisc work, we should analyze attentively its structure and color to the background it depicts to understand the painter’s endeavor and intention. Only by studying more and practise more, can we improve ourselves and lay a solid foundation for a new target.

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